Green Swamp (GRSW)

Green Swamp (GRSW)

Jordan Luongo, Deb Maurer, Lane Scher, Jim Clark

6 January, 2019

The Green Swamp site lies within lands owned by the Nature Conservancy since 1977 and managed for conservation goals.  It is a longleaf flatwoods site, with water table near the soil surface.  Pinus palustris dominates an overstay that also includes P. taeda and P. serotina.  Wiregrass and diverse herbaceous species occur throughout the understory.  Slight topographic depressions support dense pocosin.  Controlled burns are conducted at approximately three year intervals.

Deb Maurer from TNC assisted with all aspects of field work.  We established a circular plot in open flat woods 54 m in diameter with an area of 0.0085 ha.  Data collection included species, diameter, cone counts, and canopy status.  Trees were mapped.



Monthly effective precipitation over the last five years (left) and annual values since 1960 (right). At left are shown winter surpluses in blue and summer deficits in orange. At right are annual anomalies in minimum winter temperature and annual deficit.