Large growing-season deficits and warm winters characterize coastal areas. Example water balances shown here are the UCSC site, collected by Greg Gilbert, and the SOAP NEON site.  Also in the data set are USGS sites (YOSE, SEQU) organized by Emily Moran and Melaine Aubry-Kientz.  Data from the SEV site with Pinyon-Juniper-Quercus vegetation come from Robert Parmenter and colleagues.  Data from the Hastings Natural History Reservation (HNHR) come from Walt Koenig and Jean Knops.

Soaproot Saddle (NEON SOAP)

Yosemite (YOSE)

Sequoia (SEQU)

UC Santa Cruz (UCSC)

Hastings Natural History Reservation (HNHR)

Niwot Ridge (NIWO)

Sevilleta (SEV)


Knops, J. M. H., and W. D. Koenig. 2012. Sex allocation in California oaks: trade-offs or resource tracking? PLoS One 7(8): e43492. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0043492