Callaway Forest Preserve (CALL)

Callaway Forest Preserve (CALL)

Jordan Luongo, Jim Clark

December 2018

This sandhills site is owned and managed by the The Nature Conservancy for longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) and wildlife habitat.  Prescribed burning occurs at approximately two-yr intervals.  Red cockaded woodpeckers occupy the site. Longleaf  savannas are interspersed with hardwoods, that include Quercus nigra, Q. laevis, Q. incana, and Carya tomentosa.

Two plots have been established.  CALL_PIPA is a circular, 54-m diameter plot in upland longleaf savanna.  Because only longleaf occurs on this plot, sampling is limited to mapping, tree attributes, and crop counts.

CALL_HDWD takes in the transition from bottomland hardwood swamp to upland longleaf pine.  This 50 m x 40 m plot includes both crop counts and seed traps.