Our research seeks to enhance our understanding of the types of human-environmental interactions that enable or undermine the adaptive capacity of our biosphere. We are particularly interested in understanding the role of local institutions, and their interactions across-scales, in the governance of common-pool resources in coastal-marine environments.



Check out this webinar from PESCII, a conference on place-based transdisciplinary research for global sustainability.


Read here about the workshop held in Rome to discuss a new study that would deepen the knowledge and encourage data-sharing on small-scale fisheries and their socio-economic contributions, and also aim to make policy- and decision-makers aware of the sector’s importance.


You can find our Global report on Strengthening Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries: An Initial Assessment of Theory and Practice here.


Watch the trailer of the new documentary we are working on:




The Washington Post coverage of our study on cooperative resource governance: “How protecting the environment changes human nature”



Community Voices from the Sea of Cortez

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