Adán Aranda-Fragoso


Adán Aranda-Fragoso is a first-year Ph.D. student in Sustainability Science in the fields of Governance, Collaborative planning, and Social learning at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). 
Through theories from the social and natural sciences, and the use of qualitative and quantitative methods, he analyzes the different fisheries management strategies, as well as fishing cooperatives organization on the Southern Coast of Jalisco, México (SCJ). His research is moved by the need to know what are the contexts that motivate individual and collective action in this region, and what can be done to enhance the organization of these groups to better address coastal management challenges.
He studied Sustainability Management of Coastal Zones at UNAM in Yucatán. The research project from his Bachelor’s degree was an analysis of the implementation process of a no-take reserve marine in the Mexican Caribbean. After that, he was a technician in a project concerning the evaluation and management of an artisanal fishery in Yucatan, Mexico. He completed an M.S in Sustainability Science, studying small-scale fisheries on the SCJ. His research focused on analyzing communication structures and collaboration networks in the region. Particularly examined the role that scientists play in solving problems in this activity and how scientific institutions could have more influence
An important element in his professional development is Science Communication. He loves photography and has found in it a tool that completes his passion for science communication, especially in coastal and fishing communities. 
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