Fiona Gladstone

Fiona is a human-environment geographer and political ecologist working at the intersection of global change and rural livelihoods in the Americas. Her research examines how resource-dependent communities use collective action and knowledge to navigate processes of global capitalist development, environmental change, and government policy in their everyday lives. Fiona earned a PhD in Geography from the University of Arizona in August 2022. Based on work training and engaging rural Oaxacan student-researchers, her dissertation explored the knowledge politics and political economy of a flagship anti-hunger campaign in Mexico. Her postdoctoral work at Duke University Marine Laboratory is under a National Science Foundation coupled natural-human systems grant to understand the role of different collective action institutions in recent system changes in Baja California Sur fisheries. This research synthesizes biophysical, livelihood and institutional performance data from 27 commercial fishing arrangements in five BCS communities to explore whether being cooperatively organized is associated with greater livelihood and psychosocial resilience.