Lexi Addison

Lexi is a second year Master of Environmental Management student in the Coastal Environmental Management concentration. She is also pursuing a certificate in Community-Based Environmental Management. After graduating from Santa Clara University in 2021 with a major in Environmental Science and minor in Political Science, Lexi worked as a Marine Policy Intern to investigate the trade of endangered shark parts on eBay. Most of Lexi’s experience lies in policy, communication, writing, fundraising, and advertising/social media. Lexi is interested in marine conservation/policy, sustainable fisheries, shark conservation, and international fishery management. 

Lexi is currently working on a documentary to bring light to an offshore wind/fishery conflict in Morro Bay, CA. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is developing a wind energy site in Morro Bay, CA, which commercial and recreational fishermen strongly oppose. The location of the wind energy site lies within a prime fishing ground (which acts as an important habitat for various marine species). The development of this wind project would displace commercial and recreational fishermen, having a devastating effect on their livelihoods and communities. Lexi hopes to give fishermen a voice through the creation of this documentary.