Jessica Daniel

JessicaDaniel2Jessica holds a BA in Environmental Communications (Oglethorpe University 09′) and an MEM in Ecosystem Science and Conservation (’11). Before attending the Nicholas school, she led a YCC crew on the Attwater Prairie Chicken NWF, planned summer events for the National Park Service, and worked in Program Development at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health (during the infamous H1N1 ‘swine flu’ outbreak). As a communicator with a background in ecology, ecosystem sciences, and environmental health, Jessica’s interests span a wide range of areas within the environmental field but are centered around effectively communicating science to multiple audiences. In her work at the Nicholas School, she interviewed locals and tourists on the island of Utila, Honduras to better understand their knowledge and attitudes regarding environmental conservation and regulations.


She is currently a contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency conducting communications, outreach, and content development for the ecosystem services mapping tool, EnviroAtlas. In her previous position at EPA, she finalized the Eco-Health Relationship Browser Tool, which links ecosystems, the services they provide, and human health. When she is not working, Jessica enjoys fishing, reading, scuba diving, and traveling – she is planning a trip to Thailand for 2014.




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