Internships and Funding

The Nicholas School does not provide funding for MP work during the academic year or over the summer break. Some 3S MPs, however, may provide a summer internship or support field work funded through grants or by a partner organization.  This financial support is project-dependent and will be noted in the initial 3S project description. Please note that if the 3S MP client provides and internship or field work, there is no guarantee that it will be paid/ compensated. Students opting out of a 3S MP may not convert a separate summer internship into a self-designed 2S MP the following academic year. Similarly, any 2S project that is in need of funding for site visits or materials should check with their program chair or MP advisor.

Note: Students interested in using internships as the basis for their MPs should work closely with their advisors to ensure that reports expected of them under their internships are compatible with the requirements of the masters project.  Sometimes the product required by the internship supervisor is different from that required by the Nicholas School, resulting in the student having to prepare two versions of the report. Communicate closely with both the internship supervisor and your MP adviser to determine if this will be the case.