Other Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent degree students, or other students who are not following the usual 4-semester sequence, are on slightly modified schedules. December graduates who want to participate in group MPs with other students graduating in May will need to follow the deadlines for a May graduation. MEM/MBA students have different MP requirements entirely. All concurrent students should pay close attention to their specific timeline, since sometimes they will be required to submit deliverables during a semester when they are taking all or part of their courses in another school. These students should verify with their advisor and/or program chair their specific deadlines. 

All work, including MPs, must be completed within 5 years of matriculation. This includes successfully presenting their master’s projects in the April or December MP symposium and submitting approved copies of all the above deliverables in order to graduate. During each academic semester until all of these requirements are satisfied, students must be registered either for course credits or for continuation/completion. They must pay either flat-rate tuition (if minimum semesters of tuition have not yet been paid), per-credit tuition (if minimum semesters of flat-rate tuition have been met), or the continuation/completion fee for every academic semester (fall or spring) until all requirements for graduation are satisfied.