Final Report

Submitting your Final Report is a two-part submission process.

Part 1:

Upload your final MP to the DukeSpace digital archive. Your final MP must be approved by your MP advisor before uploading to DukeSpace. Your final MP should include an unsigned copy of your Executive Summary, following your cover sheet. Please see the DukeSpace Submission Guide for instructions on how to log in to DukeSpace and upload your final report.

For group MPs, only one DukeSpace submission is required.

For cover sheet, final report, and executive summary formatting information, please visit our MP Milestones – Formatting Tips page.

Final MP examples are available in DukeSpace.

Because final MPs will be publicly available via search engines to persons outside of the Nicholas School and Duke, students must anticipate and address in advance any potential difficulties regarding proprietary or confidential information with both their internship adviser and their MP adviser. Click here to view Non-Disclosure Agreements and information on DukeSpace Embargoes.

Part 2:

Upload a copy of your Executive Summary to Student Services with your advisor’s signature.

Each MP group member must submit their own Executive Summary to Student Services.

The content of the summary is the same as the executive summary in the final report, but the format differs. The title of the project, the author’s name(s), and the date of the submission should be included in the heading. It may be typed 1.5 or single spaced. Please make sure your MP Advisor(s) provide a signature and date to show completion of the project at the bottom of your Executive Summary. The signed, separate executive summary must be submitted to Student Services by the deadline found on the 2S Timeline at a Glance or 3S Timeline at a Glance.

Signed Executive Summary Examples for Student Services

Please contact if you have any questions.