Project Selection Overview


The 3S MP experience begins in January of the students’ first year and is primarily for students seeking an original or applied research experience. Most of these projects will be individual, but groups are allowed under some circumstances. Depending on the program area, students may propose an original research idea to a faculty member or apply to a faculty-generated research project. Students with an original project idea are encouraged to connect with potential faculty advisors in the fall of their first year. Students interested in a faculty-proposed project must connect with that faculty member. It is up to the individual faculty member to choose a student and agree to serve as the MP advisor.

Different concentrations handle MP options differently. For example, students in the EEH and CAMS programs typically engage in a 3-semester MP, whereas other concentrations tend to follow the 2S model. Concentrations that are typically 2S will allow 3S work, but please note there is a high threshold of acceptance for 3S proposals. This may impact your planning, so it is important to be aware of the specific requirements for your concentration. Students should rely on their program chair for guidance. MF students should consult with the MF co-chairs to make sure they are in compliance with SAF requirements.

Please keep in mind the following: