Project Selection

The three semester (3S) MP begins in January of the students’ first year and is primarily for, but not limited to, students seeking an original or applied research experience. These projects may be individual, but groups are strongly encouraged. Partnering organizations must submit project proposals by December 31. Projects are shared with students during the first week of their second semester and interested students must submit a prospectus to their program chair by January 31 for approval.

Students will choose their projects during the second semester of the first year using the Project Application Form.

The application form will ask for the following information:

  • Your top three project choices ranked in priority order.
  • Your reasons for why you’re interested in the projects you have selected. Be prepared to address the experience you would bring to the project and how your interests, skills, and coursework meet the needs of the project/client. Your narrative response is limited to 350 words (roughly 2/3 a page). Please note that your narrative should address all three projects within the 350 word limit. You’re encouraged to take the time to craft a thoughtful, clear narrative supported with specific examples that demonstrate your relevant kills, knowledge, and experience. 

Please keep in mind the following:

  • You will most likely be assigned to your first or second project choice but are not guaranteed. You must be willing to participate in all three of your project choices submitted. 
  • You are not permitted to request teammates or self-form a group. Students are placed on teams based on a combination of stated interests, coursework, skills, and experience with the needs of the external partner/client. 
  • All project team decisions are final. Only on rare occasions, and with the consent of the program chair, will a student be permitted to leave a project team. 
  • Every project is open to students from any concentration as long as they have the majority of the required skills/experience listed. It is important to note that you do not need to possess every required skill in order to apply for a project. You will be working with other students who complement your area of expertise.
  • Do not contact the faculty advisor to learn more about the project and/or express your interest in joining the project team. If you have questions about a project, please email