MEM/MF students need to have only one MP adviser and participate in only one MP seminar. The MP seminar would usually be the one for the primary degree (the one where the student is completing 48 credits), but it’s possible that the MP adviser might be affiliated with the secondary degree program, or be the adviser of a group MP, in which case it would make more sense for the student to participate in the MP seminar for the secondary degree or for the group MPs. To verify that the MP covers both forestry and the MEM program subject area, the signatures on the MP proposal must include both the student’s forestry adviser and the student’s MEM adviser, as well as the MP adviser (in most cases, the MP adviser is likely to also be filling one of these other roles and could sign in both places). If the subject matter of the MP changes after the proposal is signed, it is the responsibility of the student to check with both the forestry adviser and the MEM adviser to be sure that the new topic also satisfies the requirement to include both MF and MEM subject matter.

Additional MP Guidelines for MF Students

Master of Forestry students must deliver a Master’s Project that satisfies additional guidelines set by the Society of American Forester’s (SAF).

Please reference the appendix of Additional MP Guidelines for Master of Forestry (MF) Students for a more in-depth explanation of SAF requirements.