Stapleton Featured in NY Times

Heather Stapleton, PhD

The flame retardant research of Heather Stapleton, ITEHP faculty, was recently featured in a New York Times parenting article. The article, the final installment in a three-part series exploring some of the most dangerous toxins found in the average American home, discusses the prevalence and impact of flame retardants in standard household items — from baby pajamas and bedding to children’s toys to household furniture. Her desire to understand how these prevalent and persistent compounds can influence our bodies’ development at the cellular level is the driving force behind Dr. Stapleton’s work as a Duke University Superfund Research Center investigator.

To read the full NY Times article and learn more about the chemical conveyor belt bringing these substances to market, click HERE.

[Full citation: Gross, Liza. “The Harmful Chemicals Lurking in Your Children’s Toys.” The New York Times, 23 Nov 2020.]