Spring 2018 Seminar Series

Duke University Program in Environmental Health & Integrated Toxicology


Thursdays 11:45 am – 1:00 pm, Field Auditorium, Environment Hall

Jan 11  Paul Price, PhD, US Environmental Protection Agency: Understanding the Impact of Exposure Patterns on Risks from Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals

Jan 18  CANCELLED Due to Snow

Jan 25  Matt Longley, PhD, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS): Single-molecule analysis of mitochondrial DNA replication

Feb 1    Lisa Satterwhite, PhD, Duke Univ. Biomedical Engineering: Pesticide Exposure and Predictive Genomics: Finding Early Stage Asymptomatic Disease

Feb 8    Jed Goldstone, PhD, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: The evolution of Cytochrome P450s and the chemical “defensome”

Feb 15  Jordan Kozal, Duke Univ. ITEHP PhD Candidate: Persistent effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure across generations: a bioenergetic and mitochondrial perspective

Feb 22  Xiaoxing Cui, Duke Univ. ITEHP PhD Candidate: The Health Impact of Indoor air Filtration among Healthy Adults and Asthmatic Children living in China

Mar 1   Jean McLain, PhD, Univ. of Arizona Water Resources Research Center: Recycled Municipal Wastewater and Antibiotic Resistance: Is There a Connection?

Mar 9   Symposium: Breast Cancer and the Environment (Note that this is a Friday)

Mar 15 NO SEMINAR: Spring Break and Society of Toxicology meeting

Mar 22 Howard Kipen, MD, MPH, Rutgers Univ. Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute CANCELLED … rescheduled for September 7, 2018

Mar 29 Yu-Ying He, PhD, Univ. of Chicago, Biomedical Sciences: Role of autophagy in environmental carcinogenesis.

Apr 5   Deborah Kurrasch, PhD, Univ. of Calgary: The mechanistic effects of bisphenols on brain development in zebrafish and mice.

Apr 12 Caren Weinhouse, PhD, Duke Univ. Global Health Institute: Identifying mechanisms for toxicant-induced epigenetic change: towards “bench to community” translation of environmental epigenetics.

Apr 19 Michele La Merrill, PhD, MPH, UC Davis Environmental Health and Genome Centers: Mechanisms of impairments in brown adipose energy expenditure by obesogenic organochlorines.

Apr 26 Marcelo Bonini, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin: SOD2 acetylation as a mitochondrial pathway to stemness in cancer.