Application Deadline: December 8, 2017

Application to the Program may be made in two ways:

  1. If your primary interest is Environmental Health, you may apply for admission directly to the Program by indicating University Program in Environmental Health (currently listed as “Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health”) as your primary admitting unit on the standard Duke University Graduate School application. Students who are admitted directly into the UPEH program affiliate with a department depending upon their choice of research mentor; this is typically done in the second year.
  2. Students with a primary interest in a departmentally-based field may also apply to the Program by choosing University Program in Environmental Health (currently listed as “Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health”)  the as the secondary field on the graduate school application. The primary field should indicate the specific graduate Department within the Duke University Schools of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, or Environment.

Please note that Program fellowships are restricted to US Citizens or permanent residents; however, non-US Citizens who are interested in the Program may apply via option #2 – through a participating Department.

There is no difference in the eventual degree granted through either mechanism; both routes result in a Ph.D. granted by a specific department, with certification in Toxicology.

Students are offered admission to the Program with fellowship support based on rank among all applicants. Students may be awarded a Program fellowship or may be accepted into the Program via the certificate, with support from Departmental funds. For each entering year, approximately three full fellowships (tuition, fees and stipend) are awarded.

Applicants to the Program must have a bachelor’s degree with a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences, and in mathematics. Applicants must submit scores on the GRE general test, transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. It is expected that course work and research experience will vary among applicants but that the applicant’s academic credentials will be sufficient to ensure successful completion of the degree.

Accepted UPEH students will rotate with 3 different labs during their first year. The student should contact these faculty members ahead of time to ask IF they are taking students for rotations or, possibly, as a part of their lab. Not all faculty listed on the UPEH webpage will be taking new students. 

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