ITEHP Program Requirements

1. Students must complete all of the required courses in the first three (3) years of Graduate School: 

Required courses are:

  • ENVIRON 501: Environmental Toxicology  
  • ENVIRON 815 / PHARM 815: Focused Topics in Toxicology (cross-listed)  OR  ENV 869: Environmental Law Clinic  OR  EOS 701S: Research Orientation Seminar  OR BIOTRAIN 720: Grant Writing for Biomedical Scientists (previously PHARM 710: Papers and Grant Writing Workshop)
  • ENVIRON 847S / PHARM 847S: Seminar in Toxicology, fall (cross-listed)  AND  ENVIRON 848S / PHARM 848S: Seminar in Toxicology, spring (cross-listed)
  • PHARM 533: Essentials of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Drug Discovery
  • PHARM 733 / BME 733: Experimental Design and Biostatistics for Basic Biomedical Scientists
    • Students may submit a request to program DGS to substitute PHARM 733 with a different statistics course on a case-by-case basis (cross-listed)

In addition to completing the Program’s required coursework and meeting Departmental requirements, the following requirements must be met:

2. The candidate’s thesis advisor must be a faculty member of ITEHP.

3. At least one (1) additional member of the candidate’s thesis committee must be a faculty member of ITEHP.

4. A candidate admitted to the PhD program directly by ITEHP must complete three (3) lab rotations in their first year of study. The rotations must include laboratories in at least two (2) different departments and two (2) different schools.  **A candidate pursuing the ITEHP certificate who was admitted through another PhD program will follow the rotation rules of their admitting Program.**

5. The candidate must present a seminar on their dissertation work to the Program.  This is generally done in their last year.  Contact Program DGS, Dr. Kate Hoffman, to schedule this seminar.


ITEHP Program Requirements (PDF version)


Q. I’m already affiliated with a Department at Duke. How do I apply for the ITEHP Certificate?

A. To apply to join the ITEHP Certificate, complete the Graduate Certificate Program Application form and return it to the Program Office located in A346a LSRC

Q. I was admitted through the ITEHP and I’ve completed my three rotations and I’m ready to join my mentor’s Lab & Department.  How do I do that?

A. Please complete the Departmental Affiliation Form and take it to the appropriate DGS’s for their signatures. Return the original form to the Program Office located in LSRC A346a.

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