Diana provides plastic pollution solutions

Zoie Diana, ITEHP student

As a member of the Bass Connections team “Bioremediation of Plastic Pollution to Conserve Marine Biodiversity,” Zoie Diana, ITEHP student and PhD student in Marine Science & Conservation, and her colleagues recently published an article entitled, “Plastic pollution solutions: emerging technologies to prevent and collect marine plastic pollution” in Environment International. This article reviewed 52 technologies used to clean up plastic pollution from the oceans or prevent existing pollution from making its way into the ocean.

Serving as a project manager for the team, Diana had her hands in all parts of the study, from designing the systematic review, to writing and editing with her fellow co-authors, to preparing the accompanying website, the “Plastic Pollution Prevention and Collection Technology Inventory”.  This website allows those interested to search for technologies based on their own keywords or the size of plastic that they’d like to collect. From professors to undergrads, this project was a team effort that the Bass Connections team hopes is useful resource for governments, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders who would like to clean up hotspots of marine and riverine plastic pollution.

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