Jan 28 2015

Tox Seminar with Jordan Bailey, Ph.D. 1/30

This Friday’s Tox Seminar is with Dr. Jordan Bailey, a Duke University Postdoctoral Associate. Her talk is titled “The Development and Use of a Neurobehavioral Test Battery for the Characterization of Environmental Toxicants: An Evaluation of Firemaster 550.” Join us in Field Auditorium at noon.

Jan 21 2015

Tox Seminar with Mamle Quarmyne 1/23

This Friday’s Tox Seminar is with Mamle Quarmyne, an ITEHP Doctoral Candidate at Duke University. This week’s talk is titled “Protein Tyrocsine Phosphatase Receptor Type S (PTPRS) Regulates Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Self Renewal.” Join us in Field Auditorium at noon.

Jan 14 2015

Tox Seminar with Dr. Mamta Behl 1/16

This Friday’s Tox Seminar is with Mamta Behl, Ph.D. from NIEHS, NTP. Her talk is titled “Screening Compounds with Developmental and Neurotoxic Potential: Flame Retardants, a Case Example.” Please join us in Environment Hall, Field Auditorium at noon.

Dec 09 2014

Jordan Kozal wins Best Poster at SETAC 2014!

Congratulations to Jordan Kozal, 2nd year ITEHP student, for her Best Student Poster award at the 2014 SETAC North America meeting in Vancouver, CA. Jordan’s poster focused on her research of PAH cardiotoxicity in Elizabeth River, VA killifish.

Dec 08 2014

Symposium Recap!

Endocrine researchers explore dimensions of dose response By Eddy Ball, NIEHS NMDR — looking at dose response through the endocrine lens “The question is no longer whether nonmonotonic dose responses are ‘real’ and occur frequently enough to be a concern — clearly these are common phenomena with well-understood mechanisms,” Birnbaum wrote in her frequently cited …

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Dec 03 2014

Tox Seminar with Mark Robson, PhD, MPH 12/5


This Friday’s Tox Seminar features Dr. Mark Robson with Rutgers University. His talk is titled “Challenges and Opportunities in Agricultural Environmental Health.” Join us in Field Auditorium at noon.

Nov 19 2014

Tox Seminar with Emily Mazure, MSI 11/21


This Friday’s Tox Seminar is with Emily Mazure, MSI from Duke University Medical Center Library. Her talk is titled “Do You Know? Resources and Services from the Medical Center Library and Archives.” Join us in Field Auditorium at noon.

Nov 18 2014

Cardno ChemRisk interviews Fri. Nov 21

Cardno ChemRisk will be on-campus on November 21 for an Information Session and to conduct interviews. If you are interested in an interview during their visit, please email your resume to Dr. Marisa Kreider at Marisa.Kreider@cardno.com by NOVEMBER 19. She will then be in contact with you to schedule an interview. All interviews will take place at the Career and …

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Nov 05 2014

Tox Seminar with Daniel Brown, PhD Candidate 11/7


This Friday’s Tox Seminar is with Daniel Brown, Nicholas School of the Environment ITEHP PhD candidate. HIs talk is titled “Later Life Consequences of Early Life Exposures to Complex PAH Mixtures in Fundulus heteroclitus.” NOTE this talk will be located in Environment Hall Reading Room at noon.

Oct 31 2014

Next Week’s Seminar: Room Change

We’ve had a room change for next week’s (11/7) seminar with Daniel Brown. Please find us in the new Environment Hall, Room 2102. Same time!   Questions: eve.marion@duke.edu or savannah.volkoff@duke.edu

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