By Savannah Volkoff and Eileen Thorsos In December 2014, EPA released an updated health risk assessment for the chemical pesticide chlorpyrifos. Chlorpyrifos has been on the EPA’s radar since 2000, when the EPA began taking action to limit the use of and human exposure to chlorpyrifos. The new assessment considers […]

EPA believes that the children are the future, at least ...

By Margaret Morales   In my last post I wrote about some of the health risks of pesticide exposure. The risk of exposure is particularly high for agricultural workers and others who work directly with pesticides.  In 1992 the EPA published the existing Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Agricultural Pesticides […]

Proposed changes to EPA’s agricultural Worker Protection Standard

By Margaret Morales The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published a report this week linking prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides with a higher risk of autism. The study found that children whose mothers lived within a mile of fields treated with an organophosphate pesticide during their pregnancy were 60% […]

Organophosphate pesticides and autism

By Margaret Morales How does a contaminated property become a Superfund Site? As of June of this year, there were 1,322 Superfund Sites across the United States. What sets these places apart, and makes them worthy of federal attention and funds for cleanup and remediation? To become a Superfund Site […]

Making a list, checking it twice: How to become a ...

By Gretchen Kroeger (glk@duke.edu)   If you’re old enough, you may remember the US Forest Service’s campaign from the 70’s and 80’s employing Woodsy Owl and his iconic “Give a hoot! Don’t pollute” mantra. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage the public to think about their responsibility in […]

Give a hoot! Don’t pollute.

One of our research projects, Project 2, studies how several halogenated flame retardants can disrupt the thyroid system, which affects how the body grows and develops. Some research suggests that brominated flame retardants also affect proper signaling in nerves, which we are exploring in Project 1. As we described in […]

Brominated flame retardants, brominated glue…why we need to do a ...