The Community Engagement Core works with communities across North Carolina affected by environmental contaminants, especially those related to early life exposures to chemicals that may have later-life impacts.

[placeholder text] Communities can contact us with short-term requests for information related to environmental contamination or with proposals for longer term engagement through participatory research projects and/or education and outreach activities.

Community Gardens Project

Audience: garden managers, extension agents, Master Gardeners

Goal: identify, understand and manage risks associated with soil contaminants in garden soils

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Fish Consumption Project

Audience: local health departments, NGOs

Goal: limit exposure to chemical contaminants found in fish by encouraging consumption of safer fish types and prep and cooking methods

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Former Industrial Sites Project

Audience: town planners

Goal: navigate the redevelopment process at underutilized and contaminated sites, including understanding health risks, engaging the community, and more

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