Soil Contaminant Materials & Resources

Soil Contaminant Materials & Resources

The following materials were developed by the Duke University Superfund Research Center Community Engagement Core.

Contact us if you need assistance adapting these materials for your region or have questions about dimensions, paper type, etc. needed for printing.

Check Your Dirt NC – Gardener Decision Tool

This informative tool is for gardeners in North Carolina who want to: 1) learn about the types and sources of soil contaminants that might be found in and around their own garden site and 2) evaluate relative risks and their own gardening practices and how to reduce those risks.

General Gardening Best Practices

Factsheets in English and Spanish that offer basic information about common soil contaminants, their sources, how exposure happens, and what we can do to limit our health risks.

10 Healthy Garden Habits for reducing exposure to soil contaminants

Soil Contaminant Fact Sheets

Contaminant-specific factsheets with information on sources of contamination and exposure, health impacts, relative risk levels of contamination, ways to limit exposure, and more!

Coming soon!

‘Gardening Safely’ Video Series

Four short videos covering the basics of soil contamination in the garden, how we are exposed, how to learn more about your garden site, and how to limit exposure.

“What are soil contaminants?”

“Exposure routes & health risks”

“How can I learn more about my garden site?

“How can I limit exposure in the garden?”

Soil Testing and Exposure Assessment Resources

Boston University School of Public HealthHow to take a soil sample (video)

Urban Gardening in and around Brownfields

NC State UniversityMinimizing Risks of Soil Contaminants in Urban Gardens

US EPA Steps to Creating a Community Garden or Expand Urban Agriculture at a Brownfields Site