Melissa Chernick (Project 4) is a Research Technician working in Dr. David Hinton’s lab

Sam Cohen (RTC and CEC) joined the Superfund Research Center in July 2018 as a Science Communication Specialist

Dr. Ellen Cooper (ACC) is the former manager of the Analytical Chemistry Core

Emina Hodzic (ACC) is a Research Technician II with the Analytical Chemistry Core

Dr. Abbey Joyce (ACC) is a Research Scientist and the manager of the Analytical Chemistry Core

Catherine Kastleman (CEC and RTC) joined the Center in June 2016 and is now the Program Coordinator for Community Engagement

Bryan Luukinen (RTC and CEC) is the Research Communications and Engagement Manager and joined the Center in February, 2016

Alexis Sharp (Admin Core) is the Administrator for the Superfund Research Center and DGSA for the Integrated Toxicology & Environmental Health Program