Work Plan

Early during the fall semester of the second year, students are required to submit the final Work Plan to Duke StrongBox describing the shape of the MP.

Please follow the following formatting examples when saving your documents.

  • For individuals, save as: LastName_FirstName_Work Plan_Date
  • For Groups, save as: LastName_First Name_LastName_FirstName_Work Plan_Date
  • File Formats: Microsoft Word Document (DOCX/DOC)

Final work plan is a max 2-pages long, detailed description of what you plan to do for your MP.

Your submitted work plan needs to include the following elements:

  • Project title and Advisor’s name
  • Project type– client-based or research based
  • Project introduction– including but not limited to, the topic, research question or project objectives, relevance and interest of the project for the issue area
  • Project deliverable– the type of written product you will produce, e.g. research paper, policy paper, etc. as agreed with your MP Advisor and the client where appropriate
  • Project data, method and current status
  • Project development planning– use a Gantt Chart is possible, and at least offer key dates and milestones which are aligned with the MP1 course assignment calendar

Kindly noted that it is no longer possible to change MP advisor or make major adjustments to your MP topic after submitting the Work Plan.