Mid-term Report & Presentation Recording &Slides

By the end of year 2 Fall semester, students will submit their MP Mid-term Report, Presentation Recording and Presentation Slides by Duke Strongbox to the iMEP Program coordinator , who will then transfer it to the Mid-term Report Review Committee.

The main output of the MPI course is a minimum 3,000 words MP Mid-term Report, for which students carry out the research, data analysis, and writing necessary to start fleshing out the MP. If the project involves a client, the Mid-term Report must present the strategy adopted to satisfy the client’s needs. If the project involves empirical research, the Mid-term Report must describe the method used to collect and analyze it. Due to the wide variety of projects, the specific contents of the Mid-term Report are tailored to each project and are agreed upon with the MP Advisor.

Please follow the following formatting examples when saving your documents.

  • For individuals, save as: LastName_FirstName_Mid-term Report / Presentation Recording/ Presentation Slides_Date
  • For Groups, save as: LastName_First Name_LastName_FirstName_Mid-term Report / Presentation Recording / Presentation Slides_Date
  • File Formats: DOCX/DOC, PPTX, MP4