MP Courses


MPI is designed to offer a framework for students to develop their Masters Project (MP). It is designed to offer guidance and resources to students for conceiving of, designing, and completing the initial steps of their MPs. All contents are assignments are focused on the students’ projects. The MP I Course will culminate in the production of a minimum 3,000 words MP Prospectus, which will be formally evaluated by an MP prospectus review committee at the end of the Fall term. Only projects that pass the review committee can validate the MPI course.

Course Structure

The course will be highly interactive, with limited lecture content. Guided peer-to-peer and instructorto-student reviews will be used to help students design and revise their project, and become more adept at presenting the core questions and purposes underlying their projects. Students will also work to build innovative and effectively-communicated written and presented products relating to their MP


MPII is designed as a resource for students. It provides accountability mechanisms to help students remain on track in the schedule of MP outputs, and to ensure consistent communication with their supervisor(s). It also creates peer groups to further student support systems. The MPII course will help students improve the quality of their research design, writing, document design and formatting, critique and editing, and presentation skills. The primary work for this course is on the MP and MP presentations themselves, rather than on traditional course assignments.

Course Structure

The course will combine regular group exercises, informal presentation and brainstorming sessions, peer coaching, and performance and product feedback from the instructor. Each student and student group will lead segments of class sessions during which their MP will be the subject of discussion, review, and feedback by the class and instructor. Each student will also be paired with another outside of her or his group for a semester-long peer coaching exercise.

MP Grading Method

The MP Advisor reviews the final MP and attributes one of the following grades: pass, or fail. If a student disagrees with the decision of the Advisor, he/she can make a reasoned appeal of this decision to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). In this case, an appeal committee consisting of the MP Advisor and an ad hoc group of faculties is set up by the DGS and makes a final decision on the MP.