Student Expectations

By acting in a professional manner and meeting set deadlines, students share responsibility with the MP Advisor(s) and MP Committee Member to ensure the advising relationship is successful. The expectations for students are as follows: 

  • Complete and sign the Student- Advisor MP Agreement with your MP Advisor.
  • Meet all deadlines set by the MP Course instructors, the iMEP Program, Duke University, and project client (where applicable).  
  • Secure faculty members to serve as MP no later than the end of the end April. Establishing these relationships even earlier is highly recommended. 
  • Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled meetings with the MP Advisor and Client. It may be helpful to develop a step-by-step MP process schedule/calendar with the advisor/client to set interim deadlines and ensure that the project remains on track. 
  • Provide deliveralbes (drafts, etc.) to the MP Advisor and iMEP Program Coordinator in a timely fashion to allow for feedback.
  • Submit the MP Mid-term Report on time and attend the MP Mid-term Review Committee Presentation.
  • Work with the MP Advisor on drafts of the MP until it reaches the required level of excellence of a final MP. 
  • Once a final MP has been approved, submit the MP Completion Form to the iMEP Program Coordinator.  
  • Submit an electronic (PDF) copy of the final MP to the iMEP Program Coordinator at Duke through the Dukebox submission page, and if recommended by the primary MP Advisor, to DukeSpace.

In addition to his or her obligations to their MP advising team, the student has additional obligations to the iMEP Program, the Nicholas School, the Sanford School, and the client. The student relationship with the client is a unique one. The student must balance academic and professional standards with obligations to the client. In all interactions with the client, the student is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner, remembering that all his/her actions reflect on the larger iMEP Program, the Nicholas School and Sanford School, and Duke University communities.