MP Advisors are the primary agents for helping students shape their projects, ensuring that they employ robust and ethical approaches, and tracking their overall progress. The MP advisors are solely responsible for reading, approving, and grading the final project. Students can choose iMEP faculty, DKU faculty, and DUKE faculty as their MP advisos, but if students want to work with a non DKU or DUKE faculty, then that students need also to find an iMEP faculty as their co-advisor. A co-advisor serves as the student’s primary contact to the iMEP for any academic issues that is related to MP and ensure continuing progress.

MP Instructors, and their courses, are a resource for students to develop and hone useful skills for completing and presenting their MPs, and, in some cases, introduce students to relevant experts and practitioners. MP Instructors and courses will also help students to remain on track during the project and clarify process questions along the way.

For client-based projects, student will work closely with the client to develop an appropriate topic that is of practical use to his/her organization. The student’s MP Advisor will be involved in refining the topic and developing the research strategy for the MP. If needed, the student and client sign an agreement pertaining to the use, the storage of data from the client by the student, and whether the MP can be stored in the public domain. The student and client should plan to talk or meet periodically to discuss the shape and direction of the project over the course of the academic year. The client can be invited to attend the MP defense. However, the client is not involved in the approving and grading the final project.