Data Security

To help insure the safe storage of research data,Duke Kunshan University has adopted a Policy on Research Data Management. This policy defines a 5-level categorization schedule for research information and the minimum protections required for each level: Level 1 -Non-confidentialresearch information, Level 2 -Benign information to be held confidentially, Level 3 -Sensitive, or confidential information, Level 4 -Very sensitive information, and Level 5 -Extremely sensitive information.

The basic principle of this policy is that more exacting storage measures must be followed as the information risk posed by a research project increases. Please review the documentation to determine which type of data your study contains.

Possession of, access to, or storage of any research data that are classified as Level 3, 4 or 5 requires the advance review and approval of the Data Manager and Data Steward Scott Maudlin (

Level 2 information can be stored on devices configured for secure storage, transport, and disposal of confidential research data. Research data designated Level 3 may only be used, stored or processed on servers or services (such as file sharing or collaboration services, cloud-based email services, cloud-based backup and recovery services, etc.) that meet applicable Duke Kunshan data protection requirements. Research data designated Level 4 or higher may only be used, stored or processed on the Duke Kunshan Protected Network (DKPN) or on an alternative, Duke Kunshan-hosted or –approved alternative system.

Specific storage options may be further determined byuniversity affiliation and size of data files. Questions about affiliation or file size limits should be directed to the Duke Kunshan IT Director (

All studies that are categorized as Research with Human Subjects will need to include a Data Management Plan as part of the IRB application. Even those that do not require an IRB protocol, however, are still subject to the above restrictions and controls if they include restricted or sensitive data.


Questions about data management plans can be sent to