MP Presentation

  • Students will participate in the Nicholas School Master’s Project Symposium on April 11 & 12, along with MEM, MF, and DEL students. MP Symposium presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A by audience members
  • iMEP students will submit a recording of their MP presentation for Professor Ewing and their MP Advisor(s), as well as for client-based projects, the client (if applicable), by April 19 to the MP Recording Submission page
  • Following the presentation, students will submit their final MP on 26 April 2023. The final copy must be submitted in electronic (PDF) through the Final MP Submission page.

The MP presentations offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their command over the material of their Master’s Project, and to gain experience synthesizing and presenting a large volume of information in a succinct and coherent manner.

Expectations and Format

Students will conduct a presentation covering the premise, question and/or problem statement of their MP, along with its execution (eg the methods and approaches used), and key findings. These presentation will be followed by a discussion of their project led by the student presenter. These sessions should total run for 20 minutes, and include:

  1. The use of PowerPoint slides and/or other visual mediums;
  2. 15 minutes is dedicated to the presentation and 5 minutes for question & answer with the audience.