MP II Course

This course (MPII) seeks to help students complete an impactful Masters Project (MP), and to present project findings in coherent and compelling ways. It will expand upon the MP development work that students completed during the first MP course, in which they conceived of, designed, and completed the initial steps of their MP. In this MP Completion course, students will finalize written and presented MP products, review and revise project content in peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student settings, critically evaluate their methods and data, search for new ways to leverage their findings, and tighten their resulting analysis. Students will also work to build innovative and effectively communicated written and presented products from their MP work.

MP II Instructor-Student Meetings

Through the link below, please sign up for 1 appointment time per student team, including all team member names and your preference for in-person (Gross Hall, Nicholas Institute), or zoom. Calendar invites will then be provided. *All times EST (Beijing time -13 hours)

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Peer Coaching Journal

Students are tasked with meeting biweekly with a paired student to discuss the process of their MPs, ask one another questions, and provide useful feedback. Each student will utilize the Peer Write Up Template for each submission. Write ups should be approximately ~200 words and include an update on your progress on your MP, challenges, your peer’s feedback, and an actional plan for the next two weeks. Each write up of the biweekly meeting should be submitted to your advisor with Jackson Ewing ( and Marcia Crippen ( copied on the email. The process for engaging in this peer coaching will be further explained by the instructor.