FALL 2018 Seminars

Duke University Program in Environmental Health (UPEH)

Fall 2018 Seminar Series (PHARM 847-S/ENV 847-S)

Fridays 11:45 am – 1:00 pm; Field Auditorium, Environment Hall

Sept 7     Natalie Saini, NIEHS: The contributions of DNA damage and repair to genome-wide human somatic mutation loads

Sept 14   Howard M. Kipen, Rutgers University: Does indoor air cause health problems and what can we do if it does?

Sept 21   Chris D. Heaney, Johns Hopkins University: Arsenic exposure and immune response to infection and vaccination during pregnancy and early life

Sept 28   Symposium: Emerging Contaminants in Water (to be held at The Washington Duke Inn)

THURSDAY, Oct 4      Ben Van Houten, University of Pittsburgh: Using nanosurgery to investigate mitochondria-telomere crosstalk

Oct 12     Jason R. Richardson, Northeast Ohio Medical University: Gene-environment interactions in neurodegeneration: Role of efflux transporters and neuroinflammation

Oct 19     Gary H. Perdew, Pennsylvania State University: Ligand selectivity and evolutionary divergence of the human Ah Receptor: Implications in innate immunity

Oct 26     Robert A. Waterland, Baylor College of Medicine: Early environmental influences on human developmental epigenetics

Nov 2      Stephanie C. Hammel, Duke UPEH Program, PhD Candidate: Measuring Exposure to Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Environments using Silicone Wristbands

Nov 9      Folami Y. Ideraabdullah, UNC – Chapel Hill School of Medicine: Developmental programming of the epigenome: Defining the role of vitamin D              

Nov 16    Chris J. Coutts, Florida State University: Ecology of Health

Nov 23    Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30    Kate D. Meyer, Duke University, Department of Biochemistry: mRNA Methylation and Gene Expression Control

Dec 7      Allison L. Phillips, Duke UPEH Program, PhD Candidate: Exposure, Metabolism, and In Vitro Effects of Isopropylated Triarylphosphate Esters

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