By Nishika Karbhari   My name is Nishika Karbhari, and I bleed orange while studying biology at the University of Texas at Austin. Now a rising junior, I’m more intrigued by science than ever before. I’ve had the chance to take courses in neuroscience, a subject that fascinated me when […]

Zebrafishes and petri dishes

By Roy Brooks Rivera Hola a todos los lectores del Toxinsider blog, soy uno de los nuevos integrantes de internado del Superfund.  For those of you who don’t know Spanish, let me translate: Hi to all of the Toxinsider blog readers, I’m one of the new Superfund interns.  I’m coming […]

From Puerto Rico to Durham, meet Roy – budding biologist ...

By Gretchen Kroeger   It’s sometimes easy to think of scientists as people who are different from “us” or as a group of people who are unapproachable to the public. But we want to bust that myth by introducing you, one scientist at a time, to those who carry out […]

Meet a scientist: Anthony Oliveri, MMA enthusiast & PhD candidate

By Dr. Ed Levin   The Neural and Behavioral Toxicity Assessment (NBTA) Core here at Duke is headquartered in my lab in an old garage in downtown Durham that has been renovated inside to be a state of the art animal neurobehavioral test facility. As the name implies, the NBTA […]

Mechanism meets behavior – NBTA style