Course Registration

Nicholas School students register for classes using the Duke University online registration system known as the DukeHub. Students may access course information, financial aid and account information, personal data, and other types of information in DukeHub. To access DukeHub, you must have an active Duke NetID and password. Please take special care to safeguard this information and change your password the first time you access your Duke account. Once you change your password, you will be required to provide contact and mailing information. Make sure that your mailing address is current and accurate. That is the address the university uses for official mailings. You can update most of your personal information at any time in the My Profile section in DukeHub. Most of the Nicholas School’s courses will appear under the ENVIRON and ECS course abbreviations.  You can also view courses in other Duke departments and schools from the course schedule in DukeHub.Specific details about course registration for students entering in fall will be provided during the summer. Be sure to check your Duke email.

Specific details about course registration for students entering in fall will be provided during the summer. Be sure to check your Duke email.


If there is a course you are interested in but you are not entirely certain, you are free to go to the first meeting of that class to determine if you really want to register for the course. Once you are sure then you will need to add the course to your schedule in DukeHub.

If a course is full when you go to register and a wait list is permitted, you will be put on the wait list and when a slot opens students will be registered automatically in the order they appear on the wait list. You are free to attend the course if you are on the wait list until you get in or the drop/add period ends. However, do not neglect any of the courses you are actually registered for in favor of one you hope to get into since if you don’t get in, you are still responsible for the other course’s readings, assignments, papers and participation.

You are permitted to drop and add courses in DukeHub through the end of the second week of classes. If you decide not to take a course and drop it before the end of drop/add it will disappear from your schedule. Once drop/add is over, the only way to discontinue your enrollment is to withdraw from the course. That means the course remains on your transcript with a “W” in the grade column.

If you obtain a permission number for a course and use it to register and then drop the course and decide you need to re-add it, you will need to get a new permission number from the instructor. Please be aware that some permission numbers will expire if not used to register for a course by a specific date. If you do not register by that date you will need to get a new permission number from the instructor.

If you drop a course that does not require a permission number then the first person on the wait list will roll into the course and you will lose your slot in the course. Be sure you no longer want to take a course before you drop it because you may not be able to get back into the course.

It is not possible to be enrolled in two courses that overlap, even if only by one minute. Questions about registration can be directed to

Manage your course schedule in DukeHub to make sure you know the start and end times of your classes and location (some classes will meet in Grainger Hall and the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC), others may meet in buildings that could be as much as a 10 minute walk away so be sure to allow travel time between buildings).

Be sure you have access to Sakai for course information. If the syllabus is posted (NetID login required), check to see what textbooks and course packs you need and purchase them before classes begin, if possible. Textbooks may be purchased at the Duke Bookstore and Amazon or, if the professor is using trade paperbacks, those may be purchased at the Regulator on Ninth Street, or possibly through other book sellers.

The Nicholas School of the Environment’s Communications Studio is open for appointments. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this free resource to get feedback on class assignments, career documents, thesis-writing, or MP presentations. No draft? No problem. Our consultants are trained to help you at any stage in the drafting process, from brainstorming to outlining to revising a near-complete draft. MEMs/MFs and PhDs are welcome to book an online or in-person appointment.

Keep a copy of the university’s Academic Calendar handy, which includes registration dates, holidays, and student breaks.


Academic Calendars

Students enrolling in courses at the Duke Law School and Fuqua School of Business, please keep in mind that class start and end dates may differ from those posted at the Duke University Academic Calendar. Classes may begin earlier or end later than other courses at Duke University.

Inter-Institutional Institutions

Courses at UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University and NC Central University may begin earlier or end later than courses at Duke University.