Prior to course registration, faculty Program Chairs will hold Group Advising Meetings (by program area) for new students. Students will learn detailed information about their program area and begin to develop a course plan for fall.

Prior to the start of the fall semester, faculty Program Chairs will assign academic advisors to each new student except for students in the Coastal Environmental Management* program area. Students will be able to view their academic advisor in DukeHub by August 15. The academic advisor will likely schedule small group meetings and/or office hours with their advisees to address any lingering questions that new students may have about their fall course schedule. Meetings with advisors can center on course planning but are not limited to this topic. Students are encouraged to use the time with their advisor to discuss their overall academic and professional goals, ask general questions about the university/school and the program, and discuss any concerns.

Keep in mind, advisors will likely have a range of teaching, research and administrative obligations, so please come prepared to your meeting with your advisor. Some students build close relationships with their advisors, while other students only reach out to their advisor around pre-registration windows. In either scenario, we want students to have productive and successful meetings with their advisors.

Tips for Students:

  1. Do not be afraid to initiate/schedule the meeting with your advisor. Be proactive.
  2. Be on time for the meeting.
  3. Come prepared with questions and issues that you want to discuss.
  4. If your advisor reaches out to you via email, please respond in a timely manner.
  5. If you have written material that you would like for your advisor to review, please send that information to your advisor in advance so that they have time to prepare for the discussion.
  6. Review your courses with your advisor.
  7. Track your degree progress in Stellic.
  8. If you are experiencing any personal issues that may influence your ability to be successful academically, please make your advisor aware so they can provide support. They may redirect you to Duke resources, such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)DukeReachDuke Student Wellness, Office for Institutional Equity, etc.

*CEM advisors will be assigned during the fall semester. For early fall planning and course registration purposes, the CEM faculty Co-Chairs will hold advising meetings/office hours with new students.