Open to all NSOE graduate students

Get one-on-one feedback from trained consultants

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Our trained consultants are ready to help MEM/MF or Ph.D. students looking for input at any stage in the writing process. Appointments run about 40 minutes. In-person and Zoom options are available.

Questions? Email Kerry Ossi-Lupo at

How should you prepare for your visit?

Whether you are in the final stages of revising and need another opinion on your work or you are feeling a little stuck in the brainstorming process, we are here to tailor your consultation to fit your needs.

Bring what you have. If you have a draft or assignment description, please email a copy to your consultant prior to the consultation (if possible) and, if you’d like, bring in two hard copies of each. This will allow both you and your consultant to easily annotate your work and understand what work is needed, and it will serve as a helpful tool in your revision process.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Mission: The Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) Communications Studio (“the Studio”) provides resources for environmental students to become strong communicators in the professional space.

What we do: The Studio takes several approaches to communications training. One-on-one consultations equip students with strategies for tackling all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to last-stage grammar checks. Studio Consultants are trained to work with students in all areas of study, and at all levels of skill with the English language. Online checklists guide students through their own revision process outside of consultations, and genre guides provide students with quick tips for navigating the dynamic world of media and communications.

The Studio complements the Duke Thompson Writing Center.