October 20, 2023: Investigating PFAS impacts and mechanisms in ecologically important lifestages of the mummichog

Bryan Clark, PhD

Molecular Ecotoxicologist

Atlantic Coastal Environmental Sciences Division, Center for Environmental Measurement and Modeling, Office of Research and Development, US Environmental Protection Agency, Narragansett, RI



Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have warranted increased scrutiny both from the public and the scientific community due to their ubiquity, persistence, and bioactive potential. Furthermore, while PFAS contamination has been documented in aquatic ecosystems worldwide, the majority of available data are for legacy compounds like PFOA and PFOS and focus on species in freshwater environments. Data remains limited for the universe of other PFAS (individually, in mixtures, and degradation products) particularly for estuarine and marine environments. This seminar will focus on our efforts to address key agency needs related to these problems, including to 1) develop eco-effects data and predictive tools to assess PFAS impacts on wild populations, 2) classify diverse PFAS by mechanism and/or effect, 3) support cross-species extrapolation by identifying and understanding impacted molecular pathways.

About the Speaker: Bryan Clark is a Principal Investigator in the Atlantic Coastal Environmental Sciences Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency. His research group focuses on mechanistic ecotoxicology with an overarching goal of improving our understanding of the path from molecular mechanisms to population level consequences of exposure to environmental contaminants and stressors in estuarine and marine ecosystems. Bryan received his BS in Chemistry and MS in Toxicology from Iowa State University and his PhD at Duke University in the ITEHP and Superfund Research Program, where he first came to love the premier teleost model. Prior to his federal position, he was a National Research Council and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Postdoc Fellow at ACESD.

Dr. Clark will be presenting virtually via Zoom.

Friday, October 20, 2023, 12:00-1:15pm Eastern

Field Auditorium Room 1112, Grainger Hall, (9 Circuit Drive, Durham, NC)

This seminar will also be presented live via Zoom. Click HERE to register for the Zoom link.

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