Research Themes

Research areas of UPEH faculty are encompassed by three broad, intersecting themes:

Human Environmental Health and Disease. This theme focuses on the impact of environmental influences on human health. Core focal areas include: (a) Cardio-pulmonary health and disease, (b) Development and children’s health, (c) Neurological health and disease, (d) Cancer and the environment, and (e) Global environmental health.

Exposure Science. This theme focuses on the impacts of environmental exposure on human health. UPEH faculty have expertise in detection of organic pollutants including endocrine disrupters, pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons, and flame retardants, inorganic pollutants including trace metals and metalloids, and organic and inorganic nanomaterials.

Environmental Toxicology. The focus of this theme is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of action for toxins and other environmental influences on human health.