What I can I do to minimize the toxic effects of environmental pollutants?

During the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are taking simple steps to protect their own health, the health of loved ones, and the health of the broader community and planet. Individual actions, such as wearing a mask, hand washing, and practicing social distancing, can have outsized impact by minimizing risky exposures and reducing contact with infected individuals.

The same logic applies when it comes to reducing our exposure to environmental pollutants. There are many ways that individuals can take action to protect themselves, their families and friends, the global community, and even other species. But what can the average person do?

Superfund Research Center investigator Joel Meyer, PhD, often hears this question when he discusses his research. So he developed a new page on his lab website called, “What I can I do to minimize the toxic effects of environmental pollutants?”

Joel Meyer, PhD

The page offers helpful tips and resources for engaging and advocating for better environmental science policy and research, along with recommendations for minimizing exposure to chemicals through common routes such as air, water, food, and dust in indoor environments.

For some additional specific ways to reduce exposure to soil contaminants in community gardens, in locally-caught wild fish, and to contaminants at former industrial sites or hazardous waste sites, check out the Community Engagement Core’s website: https://sites.nicholas.duke.edu/superfundcec/