PFAS Town Hall Meeting 10.24.2020

The Duke PFAS Research team will be hosting a virtual town hall meeting on Saturday October 24th from 10AM to 11AM to present preliminary results from our Pittsboro research study and to take questions from the general public.

We will be presenting data from the Exposure Study and the River Study. Our Exposure Study results will provide information on the PFAS levels found in drinking water and serum from Pittsboro residents. The River Study results will provide data on the PFAS levels measured in the Haw River since June 2019 and potential sources of PFAS to the Haw.

The town hall will be hosted virtually via Zoom and Facebook and is free and open to the public. To submit questions prior to the town hall meeting, please do so here.

To access the meeting please use the following links:


Facebook Live,

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