Community Advisory Board

Our advisory board is group of concerned citizens comprised of scientists, regional representatives and local community members who want to know more about PFAS contamination in the Haw River and its potential exposures in the Pittsboro community.

The advisory board is working closely with our research team to review preliminary data generated from the project and to develop a strategy for sharing the information with the community at large. Suggestions and guidance from the advisory board will help us to translate and share the scientific findings in an effective manner and will help us to think critically about future research directions. A few of our advisory board members are listed below. Thank you to all of you serving on our advisory board!

Emily Sutton
Haw Riverkeeper


Jane Hoppin
Deputy Director of the NC State Center for Human Health and the Environment (CHHE)


Anne Lowry
Chatham County Environmental Health Director


Cindy Perry
Former Pittsboro Mayor


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