Additional PFAS Resources

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Recording of virtual Town Hall meeting presenting research study results 10/24/2020:
Dr. Heather Stapleton presented study results and data from her research team’s study of Pittsboro drinking water and PFAS exposure in the community.

Two publications that review impacts of PFAS on North Carolina residents:

NC PFAS Testing Network: The North Carolina Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Testing (PFAST) Network is a statewide research collaboration to test for current levels of PFAS chemicals in drinking water and air samples across the state.

NIEHS: National Institute of Environmental Health Services is a reliable source for information about various environmental health topics.


Agency for Substances & Disease Registry: Toxic Substances Portal FAQs

NC Department of Health and Human Services: North Carolina specific facts and info about PFAS statewide.

NC Department of Environmental Quality: A list of North Carolina PFAS Resources

Safer States: Safer States is at the forefront of a state-driven national movement to combat exposures to PFAS chemicals.

Duke Superfund Research Center: The Superfund Research Center at Duke University focuses on early, low-dose exposures to environmental contaminants and their developmental impacts, changes usually only evident later in life.

EWG’s Water Filter Guide: The Environmental Working Group has put together an easy guide to help you find the best water filter for your needs, whether you want the least expensive, most effective, a filter to soften hard water, or one to remove specific contaminants.


PFAS Fact Sheets

(click to download a PDF)

PFAS Factsheet on Home Water Filters

PFAS in Drinking Water

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