community outreach

Community gardens can be a source of healthy food, exercise, and connections to nature and each other. But contaminants –chemical substances that can cause harm to human health—are sometimes found in soil at garden sites and may present health risks, especially for vulnerable populations like children and pregnant women.   […]

Helping Gardeners Understand and Reduce Exposure to Soil Contaminants

By Alexandra Valladares , 2014 Superfund Trainee   When I first arrived to the City of Medicine, it felt like a desolate place in comparison to the colorful vibrancy of Miami. Now that I’ve lived in Durham for half my life, it feels like a blossoming place full of hidden […]

Meet Alexandra – a scientist, musician, and Durham resident

By Claire Carson, REU intern 2012   On my first day as a research translation trainee, I showed up at 8:30 sharp, armed with laptop, notebook, and only a vague idea of what research translation actually entailed. Judging by the website’s description, it was simply communicating research results. I envisioned […]

Promotores, worker protection standards, and research translation