NC Cancer Research Advisory Panel issues new recommendations, and leads to two NCGA bills to support additional research

NC Policy Watch - "Legislators renew bipartisan push for DHHS study of potential cancer clusters"

The NC Cancer Research Advisory Panel, Heather Stapleton is a member, published a report on how to address potential cancer clusters in NC.

The conclusions and recommendations from the report are incorporated in two NC General Assembly bills, and would budget for additional state health department staff, equipment, and encourage full reporting of cancer diagnoses by doctors across the state. The report also recommends the development of an environmental public health tracking web portal for NC to redily view info on environmental exposures across the state. The report and proposed bills were written up in NC Policy Watch. Causes of these clusters are still being investigated, but may be related to different environmental exposures, including coal ash. Dr. Stapleton has led previous research to explore the potential cluster in Iredell County, NC