Anjali Boyd

I am an undergraduate Marine Science (Biology Track) at Eckerd College, in St. Petersburg, FL. As an NOAA Hollings Scholar, I had the opportunity to develop my own research project under the guidance of Dr. Silliman, Stacy Zhang, and Dr. Ken Riley (NOAA NOS Beaufort Lab). My research project is focused on a food-web based approach to seagrass conservation, through inclusion and exclusion of juvenile pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides). My project will look at how juvenile pinfish affect seagrass health (i.e. growth, biomass, epiphyte biomass, and chlorophyll A), through the consumption of mesograzers. In a broader sense, I am interested in community ecology and how mutualistic relationships can increase the resilience of keystone species. Furthermore, I hope to use acoustics as a tool to examine ecological relationships and assess the health of essential ecosystems.