Where They Are Now

Post Doctoral Researchers:

Brent Hughes – Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University

John Griffin
John Griffin

Michael McCoy – Associate Professor, East Carolina University

John Griffin – Assistant Professor, Swansea University

Mads Thomsen – Assistant Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Qiang He – Professor, Fudan University, China

Edgardo Diaz-Ferguson – Director, Coiba Scientific Station, Panama

Jennifer Seavey – Director, Shoals Marine Lab

Temilola Fatoyinbo – NASA Scientist

Avery Paxton – Research Associate, NOAA

Graduate Students:

Mads Thomsen
Mads Thomsen

Christine Angelini – Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Chris Kennedy – Assistant Professor, George Mason University

James Nifong – Assistant Research Scientist, University of Florida

Thomas Bohrmann – Founder and Director of Roundtable Analytics

Amanda Santoni – NOAA Coastal Management Fellow, Delaware Coastal Programs

Caitlin Adams – Program Coordinator, National Oceanographic Partnership Program

Sylvia Chang – Associate, Blue Earth Consultants, LLC.

Ashley Green – NOAA Coastal Management Fellow, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management

Emma Kelley – Large Marine Ecosystem Specialist, Integrated Statistics and NOAA Marine Ecosystems Division

Elizabeth Shaver – Reef Resilience Network Science Lead, The Nature Conservancy

Stacy Zhang – Postdoctoral Researcher at UNC Chapel Hill

Willa Brooks – Data Technician with the Coasts and Commons Co-Laboratory

Morgan Rudd – Restoration Coordinator, Duke Restore

Julianna Renzi – PhD student, Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara

Undergraduate Researchers:

Jack Butler- Graduate Student, Old Dominion University

Lauren Sweet – Graduate Student,  Clemson University

Marc Hensel – Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts

James Nifong – Graduate Student, University of Florida

Daniel Penniman-  Graduate Student, University of Florida

Shin-Ping Lao – Graduate Student, University of Idaho

Eric Monaco – Graduate Student, University of South Florida

Stephanie Buhler – Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

Danielle Abbey – Graduate Student, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Kami Earl – Graduate Student, University of Hawaii

Lindsey Albertson – Graduate Student, UCSB

Chase Mason – Graduate Student, UGA

Elise Brumer – Wildlife Scientitst FWC

Sara Lee (co-advised with Mark Bertness at Brown) – Post-doc Stanford

Jessica Diller – Graduate Student, UF

Zac Chejanovski – Graduate Student, Stoney Brook

Eric Monaco – M.D., University of South Florida College of Medicine

Robbie McNulty – Farmer

Nicole Soomdat – Pursuing graduate school to educate grade level students about ecology and encourage them to pursue a career in science

Karen Brun  – Physics and Anatomy & Physiology Middle School Teacher in Gainesville, FL

Alyssa Mazzoli – Dental Student at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Alexandra (Allie) Parisien – PHD student Oregan

Betsy Mansfield – PhD student, Stanford University

Alicia Rinaldi – PhD student, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Anjali Boyd – Director of Instruction & Curriculum Development at iNviTECH ; Duke PhD Student

Rachel Cohn – Data Technician at Duke University

Hannah Robinson

Stephanie Prufer

Trevyn Toone – Doctoral Candidate in Marine Science at the University of Auckland

Erica Blair – Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine