Jahson Alemu I

Dr. Jahson B. Alemu I is an environmental scientist and spatial ecologist focused on applied solutions that improve the management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems, in relation to conservation and sustainable development. Jahson specialises in quantifying and conceptualising the contributions that nature provides to people, as well as understanding the big challenges facing coastal ecosystems. His work included studies in local- and global-scale impacts on reefs, invasive species, ecological functions, impact assessment, econometric modelling and marine spatial planning. He earned his PhD on coral reefs and ecosystem based management in 2018. Subsequent to which he was awarded a Commonwealth Fellowship, conceptualising the contributions of urban coastal ecosystems to the sustainable development of the city state, Singapore. Jahson is also a Visiting Scholar in the Silliman Lab at Duke University Marine Lab. He is particularly passionate about mentoring future scientists and building the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities.