Episode 12 – Indigenous tourism

In this episode, Maggie, Lily, and Savannah explore the intersections between ecotourism and Indigenous tourism. Using the lens of agency, they use specific cases to highlight how the agency of Indigenous peoples within tourism ventures varies, and with what consequences.

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Episode Hosts

Maggie Chory at seashore

Maggie  Chory graduated from Duke in 2019 with a Masters in Coastal Environmental Management. After graduating, Maggie worked as a Data Technician in the Basurto Lab for the Illuminating Hidden Harvests (IHH) project, a collaboration between Duke, WorldFish and the FAO that seeks to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the contributions, impacts and drivers of change of small-scale fisheries globally. Most recently, she completed a Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship in NOAA’s National Sea Grant Office, which has a mission of supporting coastal and Great Lakes communities through research, extension and education. At Sea Grant, Maggie worked to increase the capacity of state Sea Grant programs to economically value their program activities.

Lily Huffaman head shot

Lily Huffman graduated from Duke in 2019 with a Master of Environmental Management degree, with a concentration in coastal environmental management. She is now the Communications Specialist for the North Carolina Coastal Federation. In her free time, Lily is an avid photographer and filmmaker. When she doesn’t have her eye glued to the viewfinder, she enjoys curling up on the couch with a good book and her quarantine kittens, Gus and Archie.


Savannah Horton head shot

Savannah Horton



Series Host

Lisa Campbell head shot

Dr. Lisa Campbell hosts the Conservation and Development series. The series showcases the work of students who produce podcasts as part of their term projects. Lisa introduced a podcast assignment after 16 years of teaching, in an effort to direct student energy and effort to a project that would enjoy a wider audience.

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