About Us

Seas the Day is a collaboration among faculty, staff and students at the Duke University Marine Lab, with additional support from staff at the Nicholas School of Environment.

Production Team

Lisa Campbell is the Rachel Carson Distinguished Professor of Marine Affairs and Policy. She studies oceans governance and aspires to be a good story teller.

Stephanie Hillsgrove is Program Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of the Duke University Marine Lab. She is the talent behind our artwork.

Janil Miller, Librarian, Pearse Memorial Library. She blames the podcast for her new addiction to Twitter.

Rafaella Lobo is a PhD candidate in Marine Science and Conservation at the Duke Marine Lab. She has been obsessed with listening to podcasts since 2016, and is now obsessed with the details of production.

Brandon Gertz is a Masters graduate of the Duke University Marine Lab, and currently participates in Seas the Day as an alumni representative. Having found the theater an insufficient stage for his showboating, he now indulges his passion for overacting by creating educational podcasts.

Nora Ives is a Masters student studying coastal environmental management at Duke University. She’s worked as an educator in the Blue Ridge and Rocky Mountains, and as a Marine Naturalist and First Mate in Maui. She’s happiest when working on or for the oceans, and very pleased to combine her prior experience as a theater director in New York City with her passion for the seas while working on this podcast.

Junyao Gu is a PhD student in Marine Science and Conservation at the Duke University Marine Lab. She is fascinated with exploring the mysterious tiny marine microbial world. Talking with people from different backgrounds is always one of the ways she loves to help her better see the world. Now, she is so excited to combine those interests together and generate great audio storytelling via podcast. 

Becca Horan is a PhD student in Marine Science and Conservation at the Duke University Marine Lab. She is endlessly curious about people and enjoys learning about them through their stories, watch out when she takes the mic.

Lexi Addison is a first-year Coastal Environmental Management student at the Nicholas School. She recently graduated from Santa Clara University with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Political Science. Going forward, Lexi would like to have a career that incorporates both marine policy and science. She is extremely passionate about our oceans and hopes to work in sustainable fisheries, international fishery management, and shark conservation. Along the way, Lexi hopes to further explore our oceans and take up conservation photography/videography.


Joe Morton wrote and recorded our original theme music, ‘Oyster Waltz.’ Joe is a disease ecologist and musical dilettante who composes for piano, accordion, and various stringed instruments. His neighbors hate him.

Contact Us

Reach out to the Seas the Day podcast team at duml-podcast@duke.edu