Reading, Writing, and Romance: Nicholas School Students Find Love

The Nicholas School has done a lot more than create the world’s next environmental leaders — it’s also created the world’s next great love stories. While pouring over books, talking excitedly about environmental policy solutions, or just hanging out at games and with friends, many of our students were also exchanging flirty glances, getting to know each other more deeply, and building a strong foundation for relationships that have lasted a decade or more.

Just recently, we asked the Nicholas School community to tell us their stories of love starting in these halls, and we got some great responses. Here’s a look at some of the love stories that our alums shared with us:

Eric Thu and Georgia Schuh




Eric Thu, MEM’05, and Georgia Schuh, MEM’05









John Sullivan, MEM’06, and Liz Wexler, MEM’06







Jordan Golinkoff, MF’06, and Liz Forwand, 07









Mike Press, MEM’09, and Kate McClellan, MEM’09








Stuart Iler, MEM’12, and Emily Myron, MEM’12